5 Leadership lessons from KIM NAMJOON | Reasons why rap monster is the best leader for BTS |


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Kim namjoone had entered into BIGHIT to a group called B.P.B (original BTS), with the other rapmembers. They were promised that the group will be full on rap exceptions with singing and dancing but later they were forced to learn singing  as well as dancing which result in the backing of the members but Namjoon stays with the group till the end, this is because of his dedication which was pushing him to stay till the end. This is one of the most important Leadership lessons from KIM NAMJOON.

He doesn’t know how to dance or sing but because of his dedication and strong  will , today we all know the other Namjoon who can do all these things much better


kim namjoon age, kim namjoon quotes, kim namjoon net worth, kim namjoon bts

Honesty is one of the main trait which should be  present in the leader. We are glad that this trait exist in Namjoon very well . He is always being honest with his army’s (fandom) , his members, with his company and moreover with himself. He admitted he still lack in many aspects and suffered through slump. He also had admitted how he was always mocked as an idol and as a person.


Namjoon has stated in many interviews that his struggle to became a k-pop Idol was very hard which only taught him to be patient when everthing and everyone is against you.Moreover he have the patience to deal with all the strong personalities clashing in the group and he does it perfectly. He has all the makings of a great leader and no one can lead bts better than he does.


kim namjoon age, kim namjoon quotes, kim namjoon net worth, kim namjoon bts

We all know namjoon is the most genius member of the group because he and suga is behind all the music and lyrics of the songs they release. During his school days also he ranked 1 in the whole south korea. He had even taught himself how to read, write and speak English fluently which is helping the  group to shine in the outside world as well. He can make up lyrics on the spot and can deliver a rap immediately and on the top of English and Korean he can also speak japenese.


kim namjoon bts

The ability to step back and make space for other talents is a mark of a true leader as well as artist and RM definitely has it . He has worked with many other artist as a collaboration in which some are kpop artist and international artist as well. In the collab with WALE .RM addresses the division nature of politics.In a recent speech to help launch an initiative called Generation Unlimited witn UNICEF at the United Nations General Assembly meeting, the musicians called for all the young people-reagardless of Race, gender or background to rise up, use their voices and make the world hears them. In this Jimin, Jhope, v, Jungkook, Jin and Suga were also there to support him.

So, you have a boy who is talented ,determined, genius and hard working and he’s using all that to his advantage to make some awesome music . Our generation should definately take Leadership lessons from KIM NAMJOON.

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