Reliance Jio Giga TV | Jio giga fibre Technology

The very much talked about and discussed Reliance Jio FTTH service or Reliance Jio Giga tv is finally here. Reliance chairman Mukesh Ambani on Thursday announced the new Jio Giga Fiber service along with Jio phone 2 at the company’s 41st AGM held in Mumbai. Sir said that the company’s fixed-line services will offer a bunch of services like ultra high definition entertainment on TV, voice-activated assistance, virtual reality experience at home using the Jio virtual reality headset launched by the company as part of its smart home solutions. Yes, it really seems to be good and something out of the box.
JioGigaFiber has been launched under the company’s “Bharat India Jodo” initiative that aims to bridge the development gap between rural and urban areas. The company hopes that Reliance Jio Giga tv will help transform India’s broadband connectivity woes. Now after Sims and mobiles they are heading toward this broadband connectivity side with transforming Indian television experience.┬áThe company is yet to announce the price or the plans and the router that comes with the JioGigaFiber connection but the service will be made available in 1,100 Indian cities at the time of its launch. Jio engineers will visit homes to install the JioGigaFiber and the setup process is expected to take not more than an hour.
JIO FIBRE REGISTRATION, JIO FIBRE PRICE, JIO FIBER REGISTER, JIO FIBRE PUNE, JIO FIBRE CHENNAI, JIO GIGATVAmbani says that Jio GigaFiber will be the largest greenfield roll out anywhere in the world.
Speaking at the launch, Ambani said that India lags behind significantly in fixed-line broadband and optical fiber-based offerings will help change the scenario. The company hopes to connect more than 50 million homes with Reliance jio giga tv. Beta trials are already running for JIO GigaFiber in select cities.
Ambani said that JioFiber registrations will start from August 15 from MyJio app and The registration will be open for all, however, the locality with highest number of registrations will be given preference. “So register yourself from August 15, and ensure that your neighbors register too, said Ambani at the AGM while speaking about the JioGigaFiber roll out in the country.
JioGigaFiber is expected to offer 1 Gbps download speeds and 100Mbps upload speed. But there’s more to it. The company also announced that along with an access to more than 600 HD channels via Jio GigaTV set-top box. The set top box will offer one unique feature– Jio TV calling- that will allow you to make video calls on televisions connected to JioGigaFiber and GigaTV set-top box. This feature will also be available for mobile phone users.
At the end we can see that Jio is making endless efforts in digitalizing the whole India as well as connecting them through their optical fibre. Whether it is mobile phone or home televisions hard digitalizations are being done at the cheapest rates or we can say that as cheap as possible. The connection that jio is making with their customers with the amazing offers is just Hats off and they are moving up for real digital kranti in India.

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